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Upcoming Show : Art Under The Oaks Competitive Show

Date : April 07, 2018

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 Art Under The Oaks Competitive Show

April 7 - April 30, 2018

Reception April 7, 2018 2-4 PM

Best of Show

"Where Their Tears Fell"  Brandi Brown

Basketry / Traditional         

 1st Place              Million   Teresa   "Honeysuckle Bowl"                                         

Basketry/ Contemporary   

1st Place              Hoover,  Renee  "Depth & Texture"

2nd Place             Million, Teresa "Pedestal Bowl"

 3rd Place             Coppedge,  Vicki  "Untitled"

 Honorable Mention         Thompson, Regina Gayle "Water Dance"

Honorable Mention         Thelander,  Risi  "Blue Skies"                          


1st Place              Pallet,  Carolyn "Blackberry Winter"

 2nd Place             Kahsaklahwee,  Ashley Roberts   "One Nation '

 3rd Place             Pallet,  Carolyn "In Search Of"

 Honorable Mention         Cates,  Tina  'Happiness '

 Honorable Mention         Rutherford,  Lisa  " White Path Sash"


1st Place              Diacon,  Johnnie "Who is the Head Ribbon Leader?"

 2nd Place             Sutton,   Jerry  " Sequoyah's First Selfie"

 3rd Place             Henson, Kenny  "Meat for My Family and Feathers for My Cape"

Honorable Mention         Cavin,  J. Dylan  "Messenger"

Honorable Mention         Boney Jr., Roy        "A Storm is Coming: Peggs 1920 (Na Didawosgi)"


1st Place              Tehee,  Candessa    "Rainbow"

2nd Place             Evans,  Cindy   "Contemporary Native Design Two Piece Dress"

3rd Place             Ice, Dorothy Lee   " Stomp Gear"                                      


1st Place              Chuleewah,  Toneh    "Chunky Jonesing"

2nd Place             Thornton,  DeAnn   "Green With Envy"

3rd Place             Chuleewah,  Toneh    "All or Nothing"

Honorable Mention         Thornton,  DeAnn   "Purple Passion"                  


1st Place              Irvan,  Debra    "The Turtle Race"

2nd Place             Cavin,  J. Dylan  "Holes in Our Homeland"

3rd Place             Boney Jr.,  Roy        "The Baptist (Na Didawosgi)"

Honorable Mention         Mitchell,  Ron  " Remembering the Removal Bike Ride"

Honorable Mention         Irvan, Debra    "The Hunter Becomes the Deer"

Pottery  Traditional         

1st Place              Harjo-Shinn, Patty      "Effigy Bottle"                                    

Pottery  Contemporary   

1st Place              Cantrell, Eva         "Journey"

2nd Place             Rutherford, Lisa    "Uktena"

3rd Place             Roberts, Tama    "Untitled"

Honorable Mention         Oo-sah-wee,  Harry     "Wohali Gadaqusa (Eagle)"

Honorable Mention         Smith, Janet     "Cherokee Journey-Over the Mountains and Waters"

Cultural Items                   

1st Place              Daugherty,  Steve    "Young Provider"

 2nd Place             Fields,  Richard   "Orphan Bow"

3rd Place             Tyner,  Mekko   "Tafv  Here (Good Feathers)"

Honorable Mention    Jackson, Willie   "Gourd Shaker"                                   


1st Place              Henson, Gary Marc   "Wind Horse Joins the World"

2nd Place             Roberts, Tama     "Hunter's Guardian"

3rd Place             Harjo-Shinn, Patty      "Little King (Micco Gi)"

Honorable Mention     Oo-sah-wee,  Harry    " Booger Mask (Algvdulo)"

Honorable Mention         Mitchell,  Ron       " Buffalo-Return to the Cherokee Nation"


 1st Place              Million, Teresa   "Little Baskets"

2nd Place             Cavin, J. Dylan    "Bison in Profile"

3rd Place             Jackson, Willie     "Spirit Bear"

Honorable Mention         Diacon,  Johnnie    "Mekko"

Honorable Mention         Coppedge,  Vicki       "Untitled"

Our annual art competition featuring the works of Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Muscogee (Creek) and Seminole artists from around the country. A great opportunity to view and purchase award winning native art while visiting the Five Civilized Tribes Museum throughout the month of April.


Application for Art Under The Oaks Show is on home page at www.fivetribes.org




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